Can’t Happen Here? Oh Yeah? Newcastle Syrians On Sex Charges!


Three Syrian men deny sex assault in Newcastle…

    • ….police are concerned that the charges could raise tensions between locals and Syrian refugees in Newcastle.
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      • Might it not better for police to be concerned about what that cur Camoron is importing into the United Kingdom?
      • They could ask their counterparts in the police who have to deal with such matters in the German Province of Bavaria!

        German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

      • I’m mildly surprised those Keystones haven’t arrested Nigel Farage – telling the truth is a serious offence in some people’s eyes!
      • Curiously, one of the ‘refugees’ detained had been deemed ‘vulnerable’ by those responsible for Camoron’s alien import programme.

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      • One might have hoped a British Government would realise that it’s women, in Newcastle, as in other English cities,  who are genuinely ‘vulnerable,’ to savages imbued with Mid-East ideologies that regard women as inferior beings.
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      • raperefug
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      • Oh, and a quick PS! 
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        • evil children
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        • Apart from the three Syrian men, there’s also yet another of those ‘poor little refugee children’ arrested on related charges.  
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