Whining Migrants V Italian Cops – Why Don’t They Sod Off Home?

More depressing news from Italy, where decent citizens in the Calabrian town of San Ferdinando are fed up to the back teeth with the uninvited aliens infesting their small community.

Tensions between local residents and the 1,000-strong community of foreign seasonal workers have been stretched to breaking point by the death of Sekine Traore, a 27-year-old worker from Mali, on Wednesday.=

It seems the savage was shot in self-defence after a police officer was ‘stabbed’ near his eye by the allegedly drunken, knife-wielding worker.


civilised man v savage


Hundreds of Traore’s fellow-primitives descended on the town hall, shrilling that heavy-handed police tactics are to blame for his death.

“The police should have come to the camp to make peace – not to kill.”

Hey, savages!

It’s Italy you’re in, not some jungle!


It’s not just Italy – more savages, gate-crashing Spain!


Italian Police are not obliged to ‘make peace,‘ as if they are the Seventh Cavalry holding pow-wows with some tribe on the frontier.  

YOU savages are there on sufferance, so bob down. 

Nobody asked you to intrude on San Ferdinando, or anywhere in Italy….

Pity Italy – Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’ 

…so YOU have to drop your uppity arrogance or sod off back to ‘sub-Saharan Africa,’ where the report says most of you come from.

But they’re learning fast, these crimmigrants. 

They have been studying useful words and phrases, maybe not a lot, but enough to compose signs displaying impressive mastery of cultural marxist pejoratives.  

Protesters also carried signs and placards branding the police “racists”, “fascists” and “mafiosi.”

Mere red-rat rubbish, for the local DA has made it clear that it was almost certainly a legitimate use of force.” http://www.thelocal.it/20160609/calabrian-migrants-protest-over-racist-police-shooting

What’s most disturbing is not the offensive character of these savages  – one is habituated to that – but how long the poor Italians there have had to put up with their intolerable conduct. 

Two days of unrest in 2010 prompted more than 1,000 Africans to flee the town after clashes left 67 people injured, between migrants, police officers and locals.

RENZI_12_resize Red Renzi – ‘Six thousand migrant arrivals is not an invasion’: Renzi  

  • Unfortunately, Red Renzi’s shameful meddling with the law, by which he decriminalised illegal immigration, has made it harder for honest cops to detain rabble of the sort described above.
  • bulldog_policeman_shield_PRVW

What’s needed, clearly, is a lot more ‘heavy-handed police tactics!’