Everybody Loves Good Neighbours? Oz-Bound Bludgers Back for More!

One hopes that those in Canberra who supervise Australian foreign relations – and foreign aid –  took careful note of what went down last week in Indonesia’s most northerly province, Aceh.

AND of what’s afoot today!


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The Jakarta Globe reported at the weekend that authorities in Aceh intercepted a boat carrying at least 35 Sri Lankan asylum seekers bound for Australia on Saturday (11/06) but refused to arrest them for immigration violation or have their refugee status processed on shore…


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And here’s me thinking that President Jokowi had shown  serious interest in good relations with his antipodean neighbours.  –

Indonesia is keen to engage with Australia as part of a regional balance  Turnbull Meets Jokowi: A New Chapter in Australia-Indonesia ..

Facilitating crimmigration is not the finest way to achieve this and I am curious to know if Jokowi was kept informed about this break with previous policy.

Indonesian authorities normally put asylum seekers intercepted in Indonesian waters to detention centers…

Instead, his local lackeys up north declined to do their duty and take these wannabe welfare parasites into custody. They preferred to FIX the vessel  – yes, the engine was dead so Indonesian technicians graciously repaired and re-fuelled the vessel!

Then they waved them off to continue their bludger-boat cruise.

“They are heading to Australia,” Aceh immigration chief Herry Sudiarto told Tempo.co on Sunday.


Neighbours, everybody loves good neighbours…

And NOW we read that the very same boat-load of Tamils…

 – yes, Tamils, the same sort Canada’s Ezra Levant exposed as demanding ‘asylum’ then going home for vacations!- ‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 

…is back for more!

…they returned on Monday asking for 6 tons of fuel, as they feared 1 ton would be insufficient….


Alert Australians will now be watching VERY carefully to see if Indonesia, given a second opportunity to do the right thing…



….corrals these crimmigrants and stops them setting forth on their malignant mission once more.