Kemana, 4 Minute? Kesini!


Oh no!

How else can one respond to the shock/horror news that the ‘Korean girl band,’ 4 Minute, pictured above, might be on the verge of breaking up.

Well, I’m not especially into K-Pop but these cute Korean singers at least know how to dress like girls.

So one could respond by inviting them for auditions to start a new ensemble, and my small rented home in North West Jakarta would be a very suitable venue for such auditions.

Thing is, several of my usual retinue of visitors are talking about pulang kampung, going home for the holiday week due next month. 

So I may be bored and Home Alone.  Even my adored  warteg will close for a week, it seems. So how to find food?

 Having such charming house-guests would alleviate my temporary gloom.

But can 4 Minute cook?