Der Kuckuck Und Der Esel – Der Dicke Und Die Stasin

In my high school German class, we had to learn and sing this song, about ‘The Cuckoo and the Donkey.’

Whilst composing this blog-post, it came back to me from long decades past, and, being me, I adapted it to ‘Der Dicke und Die Stasin,’ -which is to say, ‘The Fat Man and The Spyess.’

 Der Dicke Number One


  • The original Der Dicke (Fatso) was the Nazi chief, Hermann Goering, but the C21st version has to be Sigmar Gabriel, the fanatic leftist leader of the SPD, who is coalition deputy to Mama Stasi Merkel –  who needs no clarification.


sigmar mama

“Siggi, you get rid of the patriots and I’ll replace them with alien parasites.

“Jawohl, Meine Fuhrerin!”


Today’s Der Dicke seems determined to present himself as the ‘unacceptable face of Merkelism,’ an odd concept, like the ‘unacceptable face of cannibalism, or the ‘unacceptable face of zombyism.’

As if such horrid concepts could have less acceptable faces than those we already know and loathe.

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has said views expressed by Alternative for Germany members remind him of those held by his Nazi father. Gabriel added some members of the party longed to return to the 1960s.


Apparently this bizarre conflation of two irreconcilably different eras has something to do with how some AfD leaders would like to take German society back to the 1960s, a period that many on the right see as a time of relative stability before Germany had mass immigration.

More accurately expressed as ‘relative stability before rape-refugees,’ but never mind, we know exactly what Siggi Der Dicke means.

He also adds meaning to that German word Grossdeutschland, which historians use to describe Hitler’s ever-expanding Reich but could as well be applied to Der Dicke himself.  


Well, Der Dicke’s Papa was a keen Nazi, so I’ll bow to his knowledge of the Hitler Era, but as for the Sixties….,

“They want to go back to the repressed old West German republic of the 1960s, when women were still at home and foreigners, gays and lesbians had to be invisible, and where old army songs were sung over a beer in the evening,” Gabriel added.

… I was in Germany a lot then, hitch-hiking all over the country and there was NO sign of repression…


…except in East Germany, where the Red puppet regime was busily murdering innocents like Peter Fechter.


West Germany was genuinely free, the people fairly prosperous and certainly hospitable to foreigners, even young impecunious student foreigners like Yours Truly. 

Lots of women went out to work but many stayed home….

Sad, down-trodden German 1960s housewives?

….happy to do so because their men could earn enough to look after wives and kids. 

As for ‘gays and lesbians,’ rest assured, as a hitch-hiker I was wary of the former, but I’m sure such people were around…




….the difference today being that they are shrill and aggressive,so yes, indeed, more visible.


In other words, The Sixties were a pretty damned nice time in West Germany.

Not East Germany, of course, where Mama Stasi’s colleagues were torturing political prisoners and stomping dissent everywhere.

Stomping dissent, much as Der Dicke nowadays aspires to do.   Germany’s Red Nazis – SPD Urge Gestapo Tactics On Opposition!

PS  Linguistic purists will know I have taken liberties by concocting the word ‘Stasin’ – but it scans, doesn’t it?.