France’s Error – They Didn’t Guillotine That Banlieue Beast!

The latest horrible crime in Paris, an off-duty cop and his spouse butchered by a rabid Islamist banlieue beast, need never have happened.

The evil pig Abballa was not just ‘known to police’ but had, moreover, been found guilty, no more than five years ago, of involvement in jihadism!

Yet what sentence was handed down?


Image taken from Facebook believed to be Larossi Abballa, identified as the killer of two police employees in Magnanville, near Paris
Larossi Abballa

A MERE THIRTY MONTHS – assuming he was not given early remission, as, incredibly, often happens in Western countries. 

He was arrested in 2011 and sentenced in 2013 to two-and-a-half years in jail for recruiting jihadists to fight in Pakistan.

Witnesses said he shouted “allahu akbar” (God is great) as he launched his knife attacks….

Those who put ANY supranational ideology above allegiance to their own country are traitors. The swine should have been put to death.

Francois Hollande himself declared that France was ‘at war.’

That means anyone serving France’s enemies are ipso facto into treason. So Hollande’s failure to restore the death penalty, and use it on every known jihadist, is indefensible.


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Had Abballa been guillotined back in 2011, that innocent police couple would be alive today.

Yet Hollande can’t bear sole responsibility.


It’s HMV to blame!

As long as France remains under Brussels rule, NO French Government, no matter the wishes of the majority in the French parliament or the majority among the French electorate….




….may reintroduce the needful and proper punishment for scum like Abballa.

Now we read that three people linked to the man have been arrested and placed in custody, police say.

If it transpires that this captured trio were also involved in jihadism, they too deserve to die.

But again, French hands are tied.