June 18/19 – Brexit Street-Parties – As Mandy Sings On!

No sooner do we post on UKIP’s singing star

International Women’s Day Music – Mandy Boylett, Roro Fitriah, Dolly Parton! 

than she releases another song!



‘Lets Start the Party!”

Her pro-liberty lyrics are brilliantly timed as a prelude to this weekend’s Freedom Festival, when Brexit street parties are being held all over the UK.

From leave EU- 

A classic British street party on one of the final days before a vote that promises to change the course of British history – what could be more delightful? 

There are only eleven momentous days to go before we charge to the polling stations.

And with a handy weekend breaking up that period we at Leave.EU encourage you all to make the most of it, by organising your own street or garden parties throughout the country.


If you would like to organise your own Leave.EU Street Party, please respond with the following details:

Location of party:
Start Time:

Email: action@leave.eu or tag us @leaveEUofficial #LeaveEU

We look forward to hearing from your area.