Somebody Start a Petition – Ban Geldof from Britain!

If I remember right, it takes a hundred thousand signatures to get a parliamentary petition debated in the Hour of Commons. 

That’s how it came about that all those ‘Enemy Within’ Labour MPs were speechifying against Trump a few months ago,

So what about getting together a similar petition to have the dirty alien scumbag Bob Geldof barred from Britain?


Foto John Holland.
Scumbag Geldof
It might be argued that such a coarse buffoon should be banned for coarse buffoonery alone, but there are far more serious grounds than that.
He is engaging in the most brazen interference in the internal affairs of the United Kingdom..
….yet the plutocrat sticky-beak is a foreign national.
Bad enough, such obnoxious intrusion.
But the government of that foreign country has been urging him, and all their other citizens resident in the United Kingdom, to vote for Brussels in the referendum.

Eire’s PM, Enda Kenny, with Blood-Beast Adams

Dublin’s Fifth Column Vote Could Sink Brexit! 

And that government, and its Prime Minister, pictured here with the Blood-Beast who ran the Sinn Fein/IRA murder-gang for years, have made it plain they are interfering, not for any slightest concern about what’s in British interests, but purely for their own self-serving advantage.
Reforming the franchise to remove alien participation in UK elections is a longer-term project.
But getting scum like Geldof OUT OUT OUT could be a nice little way to  pass the slack hours once June 23rd has seen its dawn and dusk,