Cuius Bono? Europhiliacs Exploiting Murder To Muzzle Patriots

Few headlines can be as chilling as that!   Stocks, Sterling Surge After British MP’s Death –

That old Latin phrase, cuius bono –  whom does it benefit? – comes to mind.

I’m not saying that the money men orchestrated foul murder, but that sorry headline indicates clearly who’s likely to benefit. Even the suspension of the campaign – the Leave side has been steadily getting ahead – means their momentum willl wane. It’s what happens when debate falls silent.

But that’s the least of it!

The senseless slaughter of that Labour politician WILL be exploited by the pro-Brussels lobby.

The Remainiacs WILL escalate their Project Fear to new nadirs…




….no longer mere scare-mongering about economic apocalypse if Brits choose freedom, but vicious smears and calumnies against whomsoever speaks up boldly for a British renaissance.

“It [Cox’s murder] may change the psychology of the campaign. Those who are pro-EU may benefit from this tragic event…it could boost their chances,” said Fariborz Moshirian, director of the Institute of Global Finance at the University of New South Wales. Jo Cox’s tragic death may halt pro-Brexit momentum, analysts say

Now, let’s just see what’s known – thanks to some proper, honest reporting …




…about the man held ‘in connection’ with the murder, who turns out to be a former patient of the Mirfield-based Pathways Day Centre for adults with mental illness.

The report even quotes the man himself.

“Many people who suffer from mental illness are socially isolated and disconnected from society, feelings of worthlessness are also common, mainly caused by long-term unemployment.”

Brexit freedom-fighters should condemn the murder – as indeed they have done  – but need to brush off the pro-Brussels shrilling against forthright fighting talk – and the nonsense about how Ms. Cox was killed by ‘hate.’

All evidence points to the fact she was killed by a nutter!  

What went down yesterday was an obviously deranged act, not REMOTELY related to Brexit.


Even as I’m typing this, noon-day in Jakarta, the media smear storm is breaking,  a repetitive mantra of  ‘he allegedly shouted ‘Britain First ‘- Slain UK MP a victim of growing ‘Britain First‘ outrage –

As if an alleged ululation from a mentally ill individual can be adduced as proof of anything at all!  

Some ivory tower academic called Andrew Blick on CNN has just used the tragedy to tell campaigners to be ‘more measured.

Blick claimed to be talking to both sides, but the crack-down on effective debate is overtly aimed at the patriot side – witness a pompous, long-winded Guardian editorial, unscrupulously exploiting the awful news to whine about the ‘divisive and nasty tone,’ NOT on both sides but only on the Guardian’s bete noir – those who speak up for what matters to voters.

The arrogant elitists are fretting that the June 23rd vote risks becoming a plebiscite on immigration and immigrants.


referndmlet peole vote


That’s what all the Left in the UK fears – the very idea of the British people voting on immigration.

That’s why they have never permitted such a referendum, and that’s why voters are using this one to challenge the rotten establishment. 

And another clown has today reportedly been asking the POLICE to step in to keep it ‘measured!’



The red ranter, a senior apparatchik from the Far-Left ‘Unison’ trade union, says this perfectly accurate poster….


Nigel Farage with the poster


…is ‘incitement’ and Nigel Farage should be PROSECUTED.

Faced with Europhiliacs ready to embrace such gestapoid tactics, the last thing Brits deserve from their spokespersons is a ‘softly-softly’ approach to what may well be the greatest decision they have to make in this century.

Britannia sad

Britannia should NOT go quietly into the night!