Elite Enraged At Lippy Brits, So – NO More Referendums – Ever?

“How foul this referendum is. The most depressing, divisive, duplicitous political event of my lifetime.

May there never be another.”


So says a novelist, Robert Harris, whose story-books are quite readable, but who, we should not forget, is a former ‘BBC journalist’ ( if that’s not an oxymoronic term!)

His opinions therefore are no more worthy of attention than that of the guys who sweep the streets or the girls who served me my cheap and cheerful meal late this afternoon in my usual eatery.

His naked loathing of democracy is – or should be -remarkable.

But the elite’s hangers-on have clearly been given the word to the wise –   curb the emergence of honest debate, especially that which disses the rancid political establishment.

That in-crowd undoubtedly shares Harris’s tweet-trash call for the very idea of public consultation via the ballot-box to be discontinued….till the end of time! 


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May there never be another?

Not just his country’s freedom but EVERY other issue must henceforth be kept untainted by the input of ordinary British people?

Yet this demented, demophobic drivel has been quoted on several major media, a chorus of hysteria deploring the Leave campaign but almost oblivious to Camoron’s lies.

Many ‘stars’ in the Remainiac camp have been not only duplicitous but damnably abusive towards Leave campaigners – yet  the report I took the Harris quote from focuses its most relentless rancour on Leave.

Vote Leave, the official Out campaign, is likely to find that its heated attacks on the “elites” now look out of place. It has focused on David Cameron’s credibility, with videos such as “You can’t trust David Cameron on immigration.”


Camoron IS a liar.

He gave a ‘cast-iron’ pledge to hold a  referendum nearly TEN YEARS AGO – then broke his word, only forced to consult the nation by UKIP’s admirable campaigning.  

Now he’s in a tight spot, relying on international banksters.

Yet that FT report positively bristles with indignation against criticism of the arrogant elites by the pro-independence freedom-fighters.



On Thursday morning it also stepped up its criticism of Mark Carney, Bank of England governor, for his past career at Goldman Sachs. “Meet Mark Carney, a close family friend of George Osborne,” began an official video published online. “Carney worked for Goldman Sachs for 10 years, earning millions in bonuses.”

Well, hell, naughty old Leave, letting people know how the pro-Brussels plutocrats and politicians are tangled together in their cosy privileged word.

But let’s not be too hard on the FT hack, some geezer named Henry Mmance, who wrote  that report.

He DID mention a couple of criticisms made against Camoron, i.e.  scaremongering about the economic and security risks of leaving the EU.

But then….get this !

It seems, according to this man Mance. there’s one serious criticism levelled against Cast-Iron, one of Cast-Iron’s few rational observations, that the crimmigrant horde targeeting the UK were a “swarm.


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  • But the FT sees the perfectly legitimate use of the word ‘swarm’ as grounds for criticism!
  • Mance purrs at Camoron’s subsequent grovel for siding with Brits against barbarians.

“I was not intending to dehumanise,” he said at the time.

A typical Camoron duplicity, play to the patriot gallery then weasel back to the bosom of the decadent elite.

Robert Harris’ horrendous demophobic quote, that NEVER AGAIN should British people be allowed a taste of direct democracy, is so sickening, so emblematic of the Enemy Within.

That enemy has been terrified at the upsurge in protest, the sense of freedom of speech restored, which has accompanied the UK’s first exercise in true democracy for forty years. The rotten elite is determined to roll back the outbreak of patriotism.

Don’t let it happen!