Pondok Indah Mall, Books on Sale! Till 26th June?

Got back from an outing to PIM not long ago, and have to report that Periplus book store has some bargains this week and next.



PIM -Pondok Indah Mall


In fact the shop assistant who served me said the discounts would last till 26th June!

I got two paperbacks, one being Stephen King’s ‘Dome’ which was originally priced at over Rp.100,000, and another, by a lesser known author, again marked above Rp.100k.

There were stickers attached telling would-be buyers they were now Rp.41,000 and Rp.38,000 respectively.


  • ================================
  • A good buy, by anyone’s standards!
  • But when I took them over to the cashier, I was delighted to learn that the sale meant ANOTHER 50% reduction, so I only had to pay the princely sum of Rp.40,000 for the two of them!

So get yourselves on down there to Periplus, while it lasts.