TransJakarta Buses – What’s the Problem?

Good to note that Governor Ahok is to ban diplomats and other high-ups, etc. from the TransJakarta Busway lanes, but there aren’t THAT many of them.

Having said that, if one non-bus vehicle gets to use the bus-lane, every other driver is moved to try the same stunt. Ahok obviously realises that.

Anyway, no amount of bans will make any difference unless they are enforced, not just for a few days but permanently.


Time and again, I’ve simmered, late – well, I’m never actually late because I leave twice as early as any sane person would. Unpunctuality is, to me, one of the  worst forms of discourtesy – due to selfish good-for-nothing toe-rags invading the Busway lanes from which they’re theoretically banned.

Perhaps the Jakarta SatPol PP  (the civic militia) could be issued with special long clubs and given free rein to bash bus-lane transgressors’ cars.


The SatPols would have loads of fun and the said transgressors would weary of flouting lane-rules were they to incur serious damage to their vehicles.

How’s that for a solution?

Oh, and within the buses, conductors should be ordered to enforce basic manners. Time and again , I’ve witnessed bad parents who allow their spoilt brats to remain seated when adults are standing.

The pampered little piglets even put their feet up on the seats, so when a grown-up eventually does get to sit down, his or her clothing will be dirtied by whatever might have been on the soles of said brats’ shoes.

It’s quite shocking to me how many people here with kids really do need parenting skills classes. Had I taken a seat on public transport, as a young lad, when any of my elders were standing, a clip round the ear would not have been long in coming.

But I sadly suspect that manners, like queuing, are a dying habit back in The Old Country.