Get A Grip, Gove! We Must HIGHLIGHT Migrant Menace!

..For pity’s sake, Gove, get a grip!
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  • When you are locked in what is, in truth, mortal combat- a life and death struggle for the freedom of the British people – you don’t go public with carping criticism of your allies.
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  • I myself am occasionally scolded for my lack of diplomacy…
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  • ….but even so I have enough commitment to the cause and adequate self-discipline to grasp that basic rule of political warfare.
  • Any readers of this blog of mine can easily read my former posts excoriating Boris Johnson.
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  • But since he joined the liberation campaign, not a dickey-bird of hostile comment have you heard from me.
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  • So what the HELL does Michael Gove think he’s playing at, with his televised yap about this brilliant UKIP poster. 
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  • —–Nigel Farage with the poster
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  • Mr Gove said: “When I saw that poster, I shuddered. I thought it was the wrong thing to do.
  • His pal Grayling is no smarter.
  • .Pro-Leave Commons Leader Chris Grayling said: “It’s the wrong poster, it was the wrong approach, it’s the wrong view.”

 In what possible way is it WRONG?

It’s perfectly accurate in its presentation of the migrant menace which Mama Stasi Merkel brought down on her own country…


…and then at once got her EU Commissar Comrades in Brussels to sling round the necks of all the other countries who NEVER wanted rape-refugees on their soil.


Last word to Nigel Farage, who said the scene depicted was “a direct result” of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open her country’s doors to Syrian refugees, which he described as “one of the biggest political failures of modern times.”


“Something that’s true can’t be a scare.”