Wer Ist Ein Gastarbeiter? Genug!

A German MP has called for an entry ban to Germany for Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan after 11 MPs including her were placed under police protection following death threats from Turkish nationalists.

A bit of sense, all the more so since it surprisingly comes from Sevim Dagdelen, of the Links ( Left ) Party.

But she and her colleagues need to wake  up to reality. She says “anyone in Turkey who calls for violence against members of the German parliament should get an entry ban”

Fair enough.




But what’s needed is for Germany to deport any Turk in Germany who makes similar calls. And that should mean all those phoney ‘Germans’ who have somehow got hold of German nationality status but who insult ‘their’ country by offering allegiance to another.  

Thilo Sarrazin warned of this problem  some years ago…


 Thilo Sarrazin – Target of Islamist intolerance

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… and the arrogant alien minority decided that his right to free speech should be forfeit..

These people were brought in as gastarbeiter  – NB that means GUEST-workers, so guests go home, ja?  – decades ago, and some DID do their duty, worked and went home  

Some others did adapt to Germany and became good German citizens.

But far too many abused the citizenship laws by taking German passports and all the benefits that Germany had to offer, yet maintaining an indefensible loyalty to Ankara, a mind-set made absolutely intolerable once the fanatic Islamist regime took power.

Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Turkish hearts in Germany beat for Erdogan 

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Turkey is now an authoritarian and sectarian state…

Cameron’s ‘Moderate’ Islamist Insults Every Woman in the World 

…and should be relegated to leper status by European countries,as we have argued before.

Suspension from NATO. Warships sealing the Turks’ Aegean Coast. Economic sanctions. Recognise an independent Kurdish state; that would open up a fire-storm across Erdogan’s southern provinces.  

Abandoned! Brussels Betrays The Glory That Was Greece!’ 

Turkey has also shown itself a rogue state, blackmailing Europe for billions simply to do its international duty of controlling its own frontiers – it’s no secret that a huge percentage of the alien horde invading the West only got here due to laxity or complicity by Erdogan’s border control forces.

Boo-Hoo! BBC Snivels for Illegals ALMOST Corralled by Turks! 

And after all, Erdogan is not only a jihadist jerk but a racist rat.

The 11 MPs were singled out by Erdogan, who said they were a “mouthpiece of terrorist organisations”, that their blood was “impure” and should be “tested in a laboratory”.

”What kind of Turks are they?” Erdogan asked about the German members of parliament. https://euobserver.com/foreign/133798.

Let Germany echo the rant by Erdogan’s chum the Mayor of Ankara, Ibrahim Melih Gokcek, who says these MPs had “stabbed [Turkey] in the back”  and they were traitors who should be deprived of their citizenship.

Who should be deprived of their citizenship, and of residence rights?

The disloyal Turks infesting Germany.



Kick These Turk SOBs Out of Germany! 

As indeed we said last  month!




But get this – Mama Stasi Merkel, we’re told, could be obliged to criticise Erdogan for his blood-thirty IslamoNazi railing against her parliamentary colleagues. . .

Obliged? The old bat has grovelled on her marxist belly for months, or years.

If she had an ounce of integrity, or patrioism, she’d have got stuck into the swine long since. Any retorts she makes now will be seen as laughable by the Turks, both those in power in Ankara and those masquerading as Germans in her own backyard.

And in any case, she’s still in grovel mode. 

After Turkey’s angry reaction to the Bundestag vote, she said… that cooperation between Berlin and Ankara remained “broad and strong…”