A Million Already, Now More Jihadist ‘Refugees’ OTW!

bulgar turkey-and-its-neighbours-map


“Fighters travelling without passports left Syria about a week and a half ago in order to reach Europe by boat via Turkey and Greece,” a memo sent to police and security services across Belgium said, according to La Derniere Heure newspaper.


They don’t say how many, because they don’t know.

And what’s worse is that nobody knows how many have already made it to Berlin and Paris and Vienna…


‘Refugee’ savages amok at Greece-Macedonia frontier


…or London, since Camoron appears to be letting the latest boat-bludgers stay on, parasites, preying on the UK tax-payer.

Migrant attempts to cross English Channel on flimsy boats are “no longer extraordinary or isolated”, according to French maritime authority Calais migrants use tiny boats to cross Channel




And what’s the worst yet is that the Italian Navy, and the entire Frontex flotilla on the Med, is ferrying in hundreds and thousands more every week.

out with them