Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! Merdeka Britannia!

The BBC just called it half an hour ago, but I wasn’t ready to hit the ‘publish’ button instantly…


…I never trust the BBC!

It’s not yet noon here, but seems like it’s been a long day.

Despite myself – hyper, I think is the ungrammatical word – I slept like a log till 9am Jakarta-time, worn out, not by physical toil but by emotional exhaustion, all those weeks of service in the cause of self-determination.

My headline?

I often post views on religious liberty, but am hardly what you’d call a ‘religious’ sort of person. I just think folks should be free. 

However, today the lyrics of an old hymn keep flitting around my modest home.

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!


Merdeka is the Indonesian word for INDEPENDENCE.

The people here rejoice every year on August 17th, their Independence Day …


Now everyone in the UK can too, every 23rd June.

For years, Brits have been subjected to  the condescending arrogance of the rotten elites, the banksters, the bought-and-paid-for BBC…


BBC EU flag


…and the political establishment, the base cabal that Camoron assembled to ram his treason tripe down the throats of the British people, that campaign of fear and smear which debased the currency of  political discourse.




Oh no, you’re not!


One of that clique, Labour’s Keith Vaz, has just appeared on my screen in near-lachrymose mode ( I’m not entirely dry-eyed myself!) lamenting that the people have spurned the views of the ‘experts.’

Get stuffed, mate.

The PEOPLE have won!