UK 5th Column Aids/Abets Wannabe Invaders!


Please note, the filthy brutes were apparently maddened by fears that the UK referendum will see a Brexit victory.

A Brexit victory would mean the door to crimmigrants would slam shut.

More good reasons to…

Yes, there’s still time to vote, if you are back there.


Meanwhile, the wounded French cops deserve our sympathy.

But while of course the alien swine responsible should be punished ferociously, the real blame for the police officers’ injuries lies fair and square with their high command, and ultimately at the Elysee Palace.


  • —————–
  • Hollande should long since have issued orders to SHOOT TO KILL riotous savages.

And let’s not be ‘racist’ about this.

Those ‘No Borders’ Red Nazis are traitors to their own country. Or countries – every civilised nation has its noisome share of these vermin. So the more of them taken out by authorised officers, the better.

But it’s not just grubby Antifa storm-troops who need to be put out of action. Get this  –

Only last week lawless leftists were reportedly defying a ban on giving aid and comfort to the barbarous brood infesting Calais.

around 250 vehicles carrying aid intended for migrants camped in and around Calais departed from London on Saturday….

 Red Fairbairn

“We’re on our way. Over 250 vehicles, including a 38-tonne lorry full of aid, are on the convoy,” Sam Fairbairn, national secretary of the People’s Assembly…

People’s Assembly?
Not BRITISH People, that’s for sure!
This subversive outfit’s background is well worth checking.
The People’s Assembly Against Austerity…launched in 2013 and backed by Unite, Unison, NUT, NUJ, PCS, RMT … and numerous other campaigning groups and individuals such as the Green Party, Communist Party,…Labour MPs, Tariq Ali, Imran Khan, John Pilger and Ken Loach…
That’s from wikipedia.
A roll-call of the Enemy Within, indeed.
Oh, and it was launched with an open letter…backed by public figures such as…Jeremy Corbyn MP.
But back to Calais, where the authorities have taken out a public order injunction against the convoy…
If the comrades running that red road-show don’t resort to overt violence, no need to shoot at them.
Just use their tires as target-practice!
Then arrest them.
No need for rough handling…
…unless they resist arrest!