Jakarta Cops Injured By Mob – Not One Single Arrest?

Meanwhile, back in Jakarta, catching up on local news, after so much time spent focusing on Brexit, I look around the local media here and see that IslamoNazis are up to their usual obnoxious antics.


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  1. Governor Ahok was due to open a new RPTRA – ‘child-friendly public open space’ -in  Penjaringan, North Jakarta, last week, when a raucous rabble showed up to disrupt what should have been a cheery day.

The Jakarta Governor attended but there were clashes between the mob and the police, with the mob pelting police officers with stones.


…two policemen suffered head-wounds because of thrown stones…

The cops here carry guns, but failed to use them on the violent thugs. Even were it hard to pick off the worst of them, a volley or two over the heads of a mob of troublemakers usually has them dispersing, 

But what’s really weird is that not a single person was arrested, despite about 500 joint police personnel deployed in Penjaringan.

Very curious. However North Jakarta Police Commissioner Sungkono is forthright on the fact that the criminal element were outside agitators.

“No, they were from outside Pejaringan, not local citizens,” said Sungkono when contacted on Friday (24/06/2016) As to alleged FPI involvement, the police are still collecting all the recorded evidence.We look forward to seeing how this develops.

But pending revelations of which malignant mobsters orchestrated the riot…

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