Mars-Bar Marianne Disses Brits -‘Dreadful People!’

How many of you are old enough to remember ‘Sixties legend Marianne Faithfull?’
She was a ‘close friend’ of at least one member of the Rolling Stones and we teen fan-fellows envied Mick Jagger ferociously.
Among other interesting aspects of their ‘scene’ was an urban legend ( vigorously denied by all concerned!) concerning Mars Bars…
… which I won’t go into for fear of the Indonesian censors. She was the daughter of an Austrian aristocrat, which gave her an added exotic appeal.
One hopes, assuming she’s still blonde, she minds how she goes when re-visiting the parental home-land. 

One might also wish she’d mind her manners when talking of the people of the land which made her famous and fairly rich.
She’s certainly old enough to know better than to insult all those Brits – the majority – who think differently from herself on the future of their country  – by abusing them as ‘dreadful people.’.
 “It is a disaster. I feel sick and very sad. We are back to where it used to be, the right-wing racist Little England, those dreadful people, they’ve always been there.
Cheeky cow!
She ought to apologise to the British majority for deploying this hate speech against them.