Ramadan Raids In Righteous Indonesia – Oh Yeah?

Crimes of course ceases altogether during Ramadhan in Indonesia, as elsewhere.


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  • Hence work has to be found for numerous cops with nothing better to do, and at the weekend the authorities in Banjarmasin, in South Kalimantan Province duly found the bored constables some exciting, and ever-so-useful, duties to perform.

They raided hotels and dragged off no fewer than ELEVEN couples for being intimate outside of wedlock! http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/06/27/11-unmarried-couples-netted-in-ramadhan-hotel-raids.html



Did they actually catch them ‘at it?’ Or were the arrests before or after the dreadful deeds were done?

No answer to be found in the reports.

“The couples could not prove that they were husband and wife so we detained them and brought them to the station,” Banjarmasin Sabhara Police Adj. Comr. Syaiful Bob said on Monday.

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So 22 people doing no harm to anyone – most of them teens – were hauled off and made to sign a pledge that they would not repeat the offense.

Funny how fornication is okay according to the time of year it’s committed. Downright laughable that the excuse for this display of selective moral policing is that it’s to create a conducive atmosphere ahead of the Idul Fitri holiday.

But even the most devout are allowed to eat, drink, smoke etc, except during daylight hours.

So how come no bonking?

Ooops! Of course, it’s because they’re not man and wife. So are we to understand that adultery and related activities are AOK every other month except Ramadhan?

Great to live amid a society so respectful of matrimonial vows.