Insane Aggression Against Polish People In UK – Why?

I see that daft old biddy Polly Toynbee has been yelping in the Guardian about how the Brexit victory has resulted in children crying at school, which is about as improbable as it gets.

More like some of their Europhiliac teachers weeping, either from the grief afflicting all the worst sort of bad losers…

Captain Euro and the EU’s Totalitarian Propaganda War on Kids 


….or for the loss of propaganda freebies that eased the work-loads they’re not really up to.

But let’s skip from Toynbee hogwash to reality, something that has really happened, according to the news.

Some damfools – or more likely agents-provocateurs – have launched a vandalistic attack on a Polish Community Centre in London.

 Probe Post-Brexit Attack On Polish Centre

I allude to the possibility of agents-provocateurs because Poles have always been, in my experience, likeable people.

Not only that, but my parents’ generation oftimes referred to the gallantry of their Polish comrades-in-arms in WW2, and my own generation grew up fully aware, those of us who read history, how shamefully  the West betrayed Poland, abandoning their allies to the evils of Communism.

And again, more recently, the vicious cultural marxist vendetta orchestrated from Brussels and Berlin…



….against the current Warsaw Government’s efforts to reclaim state media from Enemy Within hacks.

Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland

So who really has it in for Polish people and their values?

If any people who voted Leave ARE involved, they must be BLOODY MORONS!


But listening to the shrilling of the sore losers, pouring insults on democracy, and on their fellow-Britons, the majority of whom listened to arguments for weeks, months and years…

….and then calmly decided to declare for independence, it seems to me there’s a preponderance of moronism among those who voted Remain. Stands to reason the losers are irrational enough to take it out on the Poles too.

Or was that anti-social eruption orchestrated, part of the whipped-up hysteria by those determined to reverse the freedom-fighters’ victory on Thursday last week?