What A Stupid Hunt!


Britain should have a second referendum on the terms of exiting the EU if it can secure a new deal to control its borders, Jeremy Hunt has said.  http://www.itv.com/news/2016-06-27/jeremy-hunt-calls-for-second-referendum-on-terms-of-eu-exit/

This nonentity thinks the prime minister must be allowed to “negotiate a deal” with Brussels and “put it to the British people…”

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But that’s what just happened.

All he wants is another Camoron-style re-nego, and if THAT is rejected in his ‘second referendum,’ he’ll expect the carry-on to continue indefinitely?

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  • Another re-nego, another referendum, until enough people get so fed up they won’t vote? 


But hang on…there’s the sting in the tail coming.

…by either calling a general election or having another vote.


A general election instead of the popular sovereignty Brits have just re-established?

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 Power put back into the party machines, the sly suit-people, the charlatans, careerists and downright traitors who constitute the Commons at present?

Grotesques like that other Tory elitist, the slug Kenneth Clarke…




… who was on TV yesterday describing the principle of referendum as a ‘ridiculous hurdle’ and brazenly threatening to use the legislature to screw up the Brexit process!

Mr. Hunt, here’s a considered response to your nonsense. 


PS No sooner published this when I see in the Guardian that Hunt is ‘seriously considering’ a run for the vacancy Camoron’s leaving. – More of the same? No way!