Bravo, Jokowi – No Crawling To Unrepentant Red Rats!

Great to see the Jakarta Post has failed in its tireless campaigning…

Jakarta Post’s ‘Red Apology’ Clique Getting Desperate? 

. … on behalf of the unrepentant red vermin of the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party)


pkiposter Vicious PKI thugs


President Jokowi has now made it unequivocally clear that the government would not apologize to the now defunct Indonesian Communist Party

Jokowi said his government will focus on the future by developing the nation to gain competitiveness with other countries, not looking back on the country’s past…



Jokowi –  “…nobody will apologize to PKI,” he said.


Personally I’ve always been able to see the case for some kind of statement of regret aimed at the innocent people who suffered because of the PKI.

I mean poor folk victimised for just being related to reds, or falsely accused of being reds.

One must also have sympathy for the hundreds of thousands killed because the PKI duped them into their labour and peasant collaborationist fronts. 

That no such conclusion has come about is surely the fault of the Jakarta Post ( and some other media) which failed totally to draw a distinction between those hapless folk and the actual villains of the piece…

communism tyranny

…the Communists, many of whom, aged but still evil, have STILL not repudiated the totalitarian hypocrisy which was (and of course still is) the essence of marxism everywhere. .

If the comsymp scribblers had drawn that distinction, some sort of apology might well have been forthcoming.