London’s Collaborateur Rally – ‘Ashamed To Be British?’

‘Today it’s hard not to feel ashamed to be British’



The berk pictured above is ‘looking into’ the idea of acquiring French citizenship.

As a friend to France, I hope they respond to any such application prudently, viz.



I was about to turn in when I saw that disgusting rabble parading their disloyalty through the streets of London, disloyal not only to their country but to the very meaning of democracy.

One could imagine Vidkun Quisling’s followers, or the French Vichy collaborators doing the same to protest any moves to liberate their countries from German domination.




Quisling and the Vichy gang were reviled at war’s end, and their names still stink today. But I doubt even the worst of them ever said they were ‘ashamed to be Norwegian,’ or ‘ashamed to be French,

But that toe-rag at the top of the page is truly sickening, a so-called Brit saying he’s ‘ashamed to be British.’

I’ve been all too often appalled by the way Brits have elected a series of governments that crawl to Brussels, but nothing could ever make me say I was ashamed to be British.

Being born to that glorious heritage is something that should make any man or woman perennially proud.




Not so this wretch MacPartland, a top dog in the media network called The Local, which publishes in numerous Continental countries.  

He, like those creepy clowns cavalcading through London, regards the majority of his fellow-Brits as sheep, unlike the minority who share his own OF COURSE incandescently insightful opinions. 

dignif elite arrogance-s


And it’s not just British voters he looks down on. Listen to this demophobic drivel, about France.. 

Anti-EU sentiment is also on the rise here, but thankfully the politicians in charge don’t appear to be stupid enough to put it to a referendum at a time when terrorism and the biggest migrants’ crisis since the war has boosted extremism and muddied ordinary people’s minds.

Got it?

French folk have MUDDY minds, because they’d prefer a government which heeds their wishes on the crimmigrant issue instead of encouraging the alien parasites with nice new comfy lodgings.

French folk have MUDDY MINDS because they’d prefer a government that doesn’t grovel to the Brussels rule that rabid terrorists can’t be put down.

The French deserve to be consulted, not only on the EUSSR, but also with specific referenda on those two issues mentioned in the paragraph above this one.

But as The Local’s lousy little elitist observes, the Paris politicians aren’t stupid enough to give the French a say.

Maybe because historical precedent in their country suggests that when people get a taste of democracy, they want more….


…and they know how to handle an uppity waster ruling class that gets in the people’s way.