More EuroNews Hate Speech! Muzzle That Moron!

Hate is in the air, and on the air, nowhere more than on EuroNews, the tax-payer-subsidised propaganda agency.


I just listened to one of their Red Nazi hacks ranting about Farage’s resignation, and almost put up my umbrella to prevent the journo-jerk’s spittle-flecked foam tainting my cuppa.

Goebbels was much more honest, of course. He didn’t hide his identity as the EuroNews weirdo does.



EuroNews’ rabid hack needs a muzzle


 The rabid EuroNews creep failed to identify himself as he railed at the UKIP leader’s great Strasbourg speech, accusing Farage of ‘ignorance’and ‘mendacity’ – among most other sins that could be squeezed in.

But there’s a lot of hate around thanks to the Remainiacs, with some dirty savage ranting bout assaulting Farage’s daughter Brit rapper jokes about gang raping Nigel Farage’s young daughter … and the shocking intolerance exhibited at Westminster last week.


The booing seemed to come from all sides… recording thepmqs

I don’t much like The Huffington Post but their report on the anger of the wounded ‘British’ elite…


  •  Carswell
  • ——————————
  • is worth a look, not least the video which records the infantile incivility of a pack of rogues.

Carswell is UKIP’s sole MP, having honourably chosen, when he left the Tories, to resign his seat and fight a by-election. He won it, and then won again at the last general election.

That’s what incenses  the Westminster Tantrum Brats. As Carswell explains..

 My question was about need for decency to reach out to Remainers.  MPs responded with hissing and booing as I did.

This is the SW1 elite

Affronted by democracy, the elected ‘representatives’ overtly displayed their contempt for those  – the majority of Brits – who decided to disown the Europhiliac majority in House of Commons.

This kind of hate-speech carries with it the whiff of incitement.

As the report notes, last year, Carswell had to be escorted to safety by police after being surrounded by a mob of left-wing activists in Westminster.

We covered that at the time, and turned the spotlight on one of the less shadowy figures behind the leftist hate-gang UAF…



Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan? 

But post-Brexit, it looks like its open season at Westminster too for ANYONE who speaks for the British majority. 

It wasn’t just the Ukip who was met with jeers today.

Tory MP, Bernard Jenkin, one of the architects of the official Vote Leave campaign was also shouted down as he tried to question the Prime Minister.

Hell hath no fury like a rotten establishment scorned.

I have, in the past, met many MPs and some of them are decent men and women.

A lot are not, many with no small opinion of themselves, and an INCREDIBLE condescending arrogance towards the common folk they’re meant to speak for but don’t….

elite arrogance-s

...much like the rabble in Strasbourg who howled with rage when Nigel Farage neatly put the boot into their pretensions.