Bin Brussels Burgundy – Restore True Blue Passports!

All Jakarta is on holiday today, except for all those down-trodden people who have to work in the malls, one of which I have just returned from with much needed supplies both for myself and an exceedingly disgruntled feline.




She unusually didn’t go walkabout last night because of the fire-works, which were still audible when I rose this morning!

Now I just want to put my feet up, but first, being in a mildly whimsical frame of mind…


….I’m going to post on an issue that may not be anyone’s top priority in The Old Country, and even less so here.

Yet it strikes me as another of those agreeable examples of ‘gesture politics’ which could be announced instantly and implemented gradually, as people’s old documents expire and have to be replaced.


Look at that!

I purposely omit the Brussels burgundy-coloured cover, which anyone who recalls the good old true-blue British passports  – they looked so impressive – would surely be glad to see the back of. Nor will I waste time on the waste of space within, with all those languages, Greek, Erse, etc.

It’s the other inside part that rankles, that defines the second-class status handed to sovereign countries by the Euro-Commissars.

Right there at the top, ‘European Union,’ as if to hammer home the ‘who rules’ message to every poor Brit obliged to carry the damned thing.

The sooner the better, those traumatised apparatchiks in the UK Foreign Office should be ordered to telephone their regular provider of printing services… 



And bring this BRITISH passport back into use!