Belgrade Europhiliac – No Way Will Serbs Be Allowed A Vote!

The people of Serbia probably thought, when the communist dictatorship lost its grim grip on their nation, that at long last they’d be free to determine their own future.

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  • Not if their current Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic, has anything to do with it!

He’s the worst kind of arrogant Europhiliac elitist, as you’d likely expect from his impeccable pro-crimmigrant stance.

A big fan of Mama Stasi Merkel, he has strongly aligned himself with the policies of the German Chancellor…




….and publicly praised German migration policy. 

We don’t build fences,”he has said. Aleksandar Vučić – Wikipedia

But while he’s got a soft spot for the alien horde, he takes a tough line against his own people.

He has now declared that Serbia would not hold a referendum on whether to join the European Union.


He’s quite adamant.

Vucic said: “My answer to that is clear: There won’t be a referendum no matter how many initiatives there are for that.”



A perfect pinko pin-up boy, with that gut hostility to the right of his own fellow-citizens to approve or reject their subordination to Brussels.

Having won the Battle for Britain, freedom-fighters in the UK should show whatever solidarity they can with the Serbs now facing disenfranchisement.

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  • Indeed, such solidarity could be seen as, historically, a moral duty, given how their young monarch, exiled in WW2 London, was bullied into betraying the anti-communist Resistance leader Draza Mihailovic, thus handing post-war power to totalitarian marxists.