Blue Lives Matter – Hunt Down And Put Down The Dallas Cop-Killers!

Last week we heard more racist drivel from a hate-fuelled bint who insulted every American’s intelligence, and exposed her own evil bigotry, by saying that anyone suggesting ‘All Lives Matter’ is somehow displaying racism!




That drivel emerged from the gang calling themselves ‘Black Lives Matter,’ a rat-pack so deranged that even the ultra-liberal Globe and Mail in Canada has published an expose ( using a very different perspective from mine!) of their bigotry.  The bullies of Black Lives Matter

I had thought about posting on that recent example of how Obama’s overt racialising of the USA’s (and apparently now Canada’s!) problems was poisoning so many aspects of life, but I didn’t get round to it.

Today, however, the news from Dallas is impossible to ignore.

This is no random shooter on the loose…

…it’s politically-motivated mass-murder.

If it had happened in New York, there’d be no chance of justice, but because Texas wisely retains capital punishment, the perpetrators can, and most certainly should, be put to death.