Cologne Crimmigrants – No Jail-Time for Death Threat Savage!

An Algerian man, Hassan T., was also found guilty of being an accomplice to a sexual assault that was carried out by a group of 15 to 20 men.



The 26-year-old told a man who was with the two female victims “Give me the girls, give me the girls – or you’re dead.”

The court considered this to be attempted assault. Hassan T. was also handed a one-year probationary sentence.



  • That ‘also’ refers to the same nonsense ‘punishment’ handed down to another sleazy migrant swine who grabbed a defenceless German girl, kissed her and licked her face.



Disgusting creatures, who do not deserve to be in Germany at all.

Also disgusting is The Local’s failure properly to expose the scum, identifying them only by a first name and an initial, nor any photos to allow decent Germans to spot them on the streets and take whatever action they might think appropriate.

Or is this cover-up not down to media pro-crimmigrant bias but rather due to the German court, another effort to shield filthy brutes from getting what’s coming to them?

I don’t know -maybe one of our German readers can tell us.

out with them

Every such ‘refugee’ should be flogged and deported.

Unfortunately there’s no corporal punishment in German law, but there is provision for deportation, but that depends on the sentence handed down. Letting Mama Stasi Merkel’s pet pigs walk free on probation precludes their return to whatever cess-pool they emerged from.  

So Germany has dimwit jerk judges too.

Perhaps the saddest part of the report  is its final paragraph.

 There were initial concerns that none of the perpetrators would ever be brought to justice and that this would encourage them to believe they had immunity to repeat the offences.


Well, they have been ‘brought to justice,’ and the result, as reported, tells the pigs that molestation of their host-country’s women incurs no penalty whatsoever.

Now decent German men may well conclude that, if their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters are to be protected from the packs of evil aliens whom Merkel has imported to roam their cities…


hands off


…they’ll need to take up arms and do the job themselves.