Any Card-Carrying British Tories Out There?

And having just come in the door – it’s been a beautiful sunnt day here in Jakarta, today there’s a message I have pass on, to readers in the UK, an invitation sent out by those fine patriots in the Freedom Association.


Andrea Leadsom MP


Of course, only Conservative Party members can vote in this contest. If…you are a member of the party and wish to support Andrea Leadsom, please register your support at the Leadsom 4 Leader web site.

Unable to discern more than a handful of real conservatives among the ranks of Conservative MPs, I am disinclined to endorse either of the two in the leadership race.

However, the prospect of pro-Remain, pro-shariah and, after a dazzling, Europhiliac-vote-grubbing, last-minute, mid-air back-flip….

Hasil gambar untuk acrobat silhouette

….the newly pro EuroCourt Theresa May as Her Majesty’s First Minister by summer’s end, if not before, makes me think that just about ANYONE – except of course that sad old soak Kenneth Clarke…



Two of a kind!


….has GOT to be preferable to a weak-kneed Home Secretary who lets illegal Calais Crimmigrants stay in hotels and leech off the public purse.