NATO – Defending Or Subverting Borders?

Nato to join EU warships in Libya migrant operation

  • EU warships enable crimmigration
    So you’d think that, if NATO forces are squaring up to guarantee the frontiers of Poland, and the Baltic Republics, they’d be tasked to do the same for Mediterranean members of the alliance?
    Instead they, and Frontex, will continue to supervise and even import thousands of undesirable aliens into Europe.
    But what do we hear from the Enemy Within?
    Leading NGOs have voiced strident criticism of Europe’s handling of the migration crisis, with some, such as Doctors Without Borders, boycotting EU funds and projects in protest.
    – enemy-within
    One might wish other so-called NGOs would stop grabbing government funds!
    But read on, please.
    The New York-based Human Rights Watch on Saturday attacked the new Nato operation.“Nato’s involvement in migration control signals a dangerous shift toward militarisation of a humanitarian crisis”, the organisation’s Judith Sunderland said.
    IF ONLY!
    That pinko bint has nothing to worry about!===


    NATO’s top dog, Jens Stoltenberg, made the truth quite plain back in February, when NATO was said to be helping Frontex in the Aegean Sea.… Stoltenberg insisted that NATO would not turn migrant boats back.

    All mouth and trousers, as they used to say in Lancashire, though large tracts of Lancashire are no longer recognisably English these days, so perhaps that neat put-down for pretentious windbags is no longer common parlance there.