France24 Orchestrates Pro-Brussels Rant by ‘Brit’ Movie Man!

Stephen Frears is a film producer, who made the most last night of a platform provided by France24 to insult HM The Queen as ‘odd’ and ‘eccentric.’

Judging by his disinclination to either comb his hair or dress neatly for the interview, I’d say eccentric applies a lot more to him than any British Royal.


His anti-royal outburst was grossly offensive, but since the unkempt Frear had made a movie about Her Majesty, it wasn’t hard to give the plummy-voiced  posh-boy a cue to get his nasty anti-monarchist jibes into what was supposed to be an interview about a new film he’s produced.

But how did the leftist French TV network manage to get him onto the subject of Brexit?

Fairly convoluted, but revealing.

The blonde F24 bint led him happily down her chosen propaganda path by referring to the fact that much of his cinematic output had had European funding. So at least we know part of the motivation behind his snarling response, how Britain was so much nicer because it had been multiculted, how awful it used to be, how all those dreadful Little Englanders were the problem…

Nauseating Europhiliac rot, yes, but anything to do with film-making?


Except that his interviewer/prompter had already told us he’d had that greedy snout of his in ‘European’ funding troughs.