Hungarians, Resistance Heroes Again!

“The government is asking the people of Hungary to say no to mandatory relocation and to Brussels’ immigration policy,” Antal Rogan, PM Viktor Orban’s spokesman.



More demophobic ranting against Hungary, the Magyar Governments’ crime being that they aim to consult their people!

The October 2nd referendum will give citizens a chance to veto the EuroCommissars’ quota scheme, by which Brussels arrogates to itself the role of telling nation-states how many undesirable aliens must be accepted as ‘refugees.’



Viktor Orban

The question?

“Do you want the European Union to be entitled to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without the consent of parliament?”

Needless to say, sworn enemies of democracy across Europe have donned the sticky-beak role and denounced Orban for daring to give every citizen a say in the Brussels power-play.

A European Commission spokeswoman – the “decision making process agreed to by all EU member states and as enshrined in the treaties” would “remain the same” no matter how people voted in October..



No coincidence that Hitler’s heirs in Berlin, out to get Poland –Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland – also feature among the most vocal, Mama Stasi Merkel leading the demophobic chorus against this other , even smaller, neighbour which she, like Old Adolf, regards as part of her sphere of influence.

Stuff Europe Day – AND Mama’s Wannabe Herrenvolk! .

“It is a matter of principle, I can do nothing else, but reject this procedure,” said the woman who has brought Europe to the brink of ruin.

And her Strasbourg Gauleiter Martin Schulz (also pictured above, standing behind HMV) echoed the ghastly vixen – Hungarian democracy is “a populist and nationalist response to a global challenge”.

Equally inevitably, Brussels’ Fifth Column inside Hungary is snarling at Orban, not least the so-called ‘Socialist’ opposition – who are merely the re-branded old Communist Party that served as Soviet quislings for forty years after WW2.

One of their MEPs, Istvan Ujhelyi, shrilled that the referendum was “madness…“This campaign is about agitating against Brussels, and has nothing to do with migration …”

But the two issues are inextricably linked, a truth which…



The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.


…Brits showed they understood on 23rd June – Brussels and its junta are the common enemies of every patriot in every country in Europe.

And then we hear from the usual ‘intellectuals,’ like Csaba Toth, director of the Republikon Institute, a liberal think-tank in Budapest, who told eager EUObserver hacks that it was all a big scam to strengthen Orban’s grip on power.

However, the EUObs at least quoted a patriot source, Balazs Orban (who is not related to the PM), the director of Szazadveg, a government-affiliated think-tank.


“We send a message to Brussels, so that they understand it too!”


“The government’s primary goal is to influence the discussion on migration in Europe and to have a political impact on the discussion about the future of Europe,” he said.

And all power to Orban – in his endeavour to save his country, he sets an example everyone should follow!

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