Black Beauty? Hardly! Ugly Words? Absolutely!

Encouraging to read that decent black Americans are speaking up about the true character of the BLM hate-group.  Black Vanderbilt professor says Black Lives Matter movement is ‘pure Marxism’

But not all we heard this week is decent.

How vile can a vixen get?

I refer to Kalyn Chapman James, the creature who inexplicably won the title of Miss Alabama in 1993…



…and who has now declared that she ‘didn’t feel sad for the officers that lost their lives’ in Dallas.

She also found time to hail the demented savage that killed those officers as ‘a martyr.’

Having since become, naturally, an object of loathing and contempt, she has ‘apologised,’ an apology the sincerity of which can be measured by her refusal to take down the video.

God only knows how such an obnoxious Un-American bitch could get so close ( top ten finalists 1994!) to being Miss America!

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  • Happily she has been suspended from her job in the media, though no doubt Obama will hire her, given his propensity for employing undesirables.

But one hopes she will be run out of town if she dwells among decent citizens.

 First black Miss Alabama calls Dallas cop killer a ‘martyr’