Vive La France! Bon Chance, Jacques!

Today is Bastille Day, France’s National Day!

Maybe not yet in La Republique, but at least here in Jakarta it’s already 14th July, so let joy be unconfined!


Only the Guardian could miss the irony of a Frenchwoman wielding the word ‘humanity’ as a weapon to assail democracy – or is perhaps ‘l Humanite’ no longer the slavish propaganda medium that serves the totalitarian hypocrites of the PCF, the French Communist Party?


I refer to their ( the Guardian’s, not l Humanite’s!) recent article, by some Frenchwoman named Agnes Poirier, which lays into the leader of France’s patriot party, the Front Nationale, with an absurd headline, viz.

Marine Le Pen’s Brexit glee goes against France’s belief in humanity



  • Madame Poirier is aggrieved that not only, in a free and (more or less, despite Cameron’s dirty tricks) fair vote, by a majority of over a million, did Brits choose freedom, but also that Marine Le Pen applauded their exercise in self-determination.
  • oooooooooooooooooo
  • oooooooooooooo
  • I have never seen her look so relaxed and happy.
  • She beamed at the cameras, and lavished praise on the British people for standing up to the “totalitarian EU, that prison of people.”
  • Frexit is next, she roared…
The thing is, Mademoiselle Agnes is not unaware of the intense hostility to democracy that characterises the EUSSR.
She quotes, and does not even try to refute, Marine’s reminder.
Le Pen pointed out that in 2005 both France and the Netherlands had rejected the European constitution by referendum, and yet the European commission had chosen to ignore the people’s will with the help or complicity of the French government…
So either Agnes approves of how Brussels dissed every nation’s right to choose its own destiny, or she doesn’t, but can still churn out gunk like this –
To be and feel European is not to renounce one’s identity; it is, on the contrary, to add an extra layer to it and make it richer.
Yeah, right, rich belly-laughs all round, from bankrupt Greece under the Juncker jackboot…
…to the concourse at Stockholm Central Station, where Swedish women only venture unescorted if they want to savour the richness of being sexually assaulted by crimmigrant scum-brats.
One more little phrase extracted from Agnes’ article –
As in Britain, both left and right parties have suffered Jacquerie-style revolts from the electorate.
One of my uni honours options was European history, so I recognised that phrase, Jacquerie- but rather than give you my own definition, here’s another:-
-insurrection of peasants against the nobility…so named from the nobles’ habit of referring contemptuously to any peasant as Jacques…Jacquerie | French history |
And doesn’t that just sum up to perfection the arrogance of the Guardian/BBC media snobs?!?!
How dare we, the peasants, dissent from their superior knowledge of what’s best for us?
How dare we imagine we may vote on our future?
I thought her name was familiar, and sure enough, she’s been a regular on the BBC’s Dateline London political chat-show.
How many Jacques ever get to join Agnes and the other elitists on BBC chat-shows?