A Couple of Nice Questions for France To Ponder

I’ve had France24 on all day, and just watched the moment when the police shot and killed the jihadist pig.

One less evil demon in the world, but how sad it took so many innocents along with it. 


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  • Now I have to go out for a while, but a couple of questions.

It is reported that the pig was born in Tunisia. It is also reported that it was known to the police, not for jihadism but for non-political crimes against persons and/or property.

Why was the pig still in France?

Why had it not been corralled and deported, Undesirable aliens, non-citizens who break the host-country’s laws, should surely be deported?


  • Hollande


And a question to President Hollande, who agreed to take in 30,000 so-called ‘refugees’ to curry favour with Mama Stasi Merkel.


merkel danger


Will he now listen to his own people rather than the arrogants in Berlin and Brussels and put a STOP to this insane admissions policy?