France 24’s ‘Expert’ Blames French, Not Those ‘Certain Communities!’

Naturally, I switched to France24 for the most comprehensive coverage of the Nice nightmare, and have just been listening to somebody they describe as a Canadian’security expert,’ named Christian Leuprecht, whose mealy-mouthed contribution was near enough an insult to the victims.


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  • Sickening stuff, with Leuprecht unable even to specify those whom he dubbed ‘certain communities’ instead of identifying the source of the problem for what we know it is, alien-infested banlieues, teeming with hoodlums who adhere to the vile jihad ideology.
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He said the French must start asking themselves why!


We know why. France in the past allowed in people with no allegiance to France. Those intruders could have  – and no doubt some did – abandon iniquitous shariah, backward customs, cultural and sectarian disloyalties, which had no place in their new home.

But all too many did not, and they have spawned too many whining savages whom we saw in past years amok in those banlieues.

Banlieue burning

Banlieue burning, 2013

Leuprecht knows this. He even asked why those close to the beasts who have committed terrorist crimes, and must have noticed something amiss, failed to ‘alert the authorities.’

But instead of sensibly calling for a round-up, for detention, for expulsions, of those who by their complicity aided the enemy, Leuprecht prattles about ‘socio-economics,’ that France is somehow at fault, that French society hasn’t done right by those enemies within!

As if any country has any duty to adapt to, or indulge, those who choose to enter its territory.


We have heard from President Hollande, as one would expect.


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