Solidarite Avec La France! Bring Back Madame Guillotine!

Yet another morning I arise and see the sunshine outdoors, stumble amiably to make my coffee, and switch on the tv.

Then stop.

The news from Nice, another French city where once I had a lovely time with loved ones, rivets my attention, stokes that anger against the enemy, not just of France but of all civilised men and women…


civilised man v savage


…and brings me to my laptop, helpless to do anything except express my solidarity with La Belle France, a nation which has suffered more than most, and which the filthy savages have made clear,  for reasons inexplicable to normal human beings, is their target of preference.

Solidarite Avec Les Filthy French!

A meaningful response is long overdue, and the ‘state of emergency,’ which has just been renewed, is inadequate, both tactically and morally.

Marine Le Pen has already told Hollande what’s needed, and Hollande reportedly dismissed her common sense contemptuously.



  • But Marine is right.
  • The guillotine must be restored.

Juncker and Tusk and the other dead-beat bleaters in Brussels will say the French are forbidden by ‘Europe’ thus to fight back.

If so, and it is so, then France must repudiate that version of ‘Europe’ which leaves the real Europe defenceless, the real Europe of historic nations, of real peoples who have been invaded, intimidated and – worst of all – betrayed by their leaders.

And let the lesson be learned beyond Europe too. Australians, three hours time-difference, will already have woken to the news from Nice.

But they had news of their own this month already.


A jury has found Hamdi Alqudsi guilty of recruiting six foreign fighters to join armed conflicts in Syria.


Sydney ISIS recruiter Alqudsi found guilty on six charges

Hamdi Alqudsi


Whilst I’d go easy on the pig’s attorney, who at least displayed a quirky sense of humour…

His defence lawyer argued the men were not headed to the Middle East as militant jihadis, but as humanitarians and soccer players.

…I can see no reason to go easy on the pig itself, despite the fact that one of Alqudsi’s recruits was Tyler Casey, who joined Jabhat al-Nusra, an al-Qaeda-linked group. ISIS fighters in Allepo killed Casey and his wife Amira Karroum, from the Gold Coast, in January 2014.

Good that there are two less evil people in the world, thanks to the pig’s role in recruitment of vermin, but that certainly is no mitigating factor.

Australia, like every civilised country, is at war with Islamist terrorism.

So anyone aiding and abetting that satanic cause is guilty of treason.

The death penalty is the right and proper sentence. More and more Australians, having long since been pondering the issue…

Rowan’s Right – And Foul Fatima Should Be First To Hang! 

…are reaching that conclusion.