A Canadian Talks Sense on Brexit Benefits!

I’m up early today, pleased to see that Jakarta sunshine out there, planning to be out all day and much of the morrow.

But when you, British readers, arise in a few hours time…



…you’ll enjoy your Saturday morning even more by reading this.

Ever more exasperated by collaborationist propaganda saying how dreadfully Brits will suffer due to the loss of all those Brussels subsidies and grants – as if there’s some pot of EUSSR gold into which Juncker and his fellow-commissars can dip their snouts at will…



Juncker, Tusk and Mogherini?


…ignoring the reality that they have NO money to ‘grant’ anyone, except that which they extract from each nation’s tax-payers…


…I was delighted to see a refreshing dose of Canadian common sense in the National Post this month.

I’ve no idea where Mr. Solomon’s ideological moorings might be, but he nails a lot of lies and reminds his readers of some significant truths, viz.-

the EU is first and foremost a PU — a political union, which insists that its trading partners surrender sovereignty for the privilege of trading with it…


  • Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece

  • …………….

  • AND – that Germany will be even further up the creek ( and thanks to Mama Stasi Merkel’s crimmigrant tsunami the poor Germans are in a mess) if Berlin cuts trade ties with Britain…

  • ——–

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  • And that –

…reliance on trade with the U.K. affects other EU countries, too.

Overall, the EU exports far more to the U.K. than vice versa — a record $100 billion more in 2015, a surplus that has been growing each year and has almost doubled since 2010 — making it imperative for the EU to stay in the U.K.’s good books.


Take your time, over a great British breakfast, and read the whole thing.  

It demolishes the remnants of the Remainiacs’ Project Fear and shows exactly how much advantage we should expect Theresa May to extract from the EUSSR.