U.S. Petition – Discipline This Crowell Hate-Creep!

Another admirable petition from AFA. 

****We apologize in advance for having to show the following images but deem it necessary to understand the issue at hand.****

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell posted on social media the image below (right) showing blood gushing out of a police officer’s neck at the hands an ISIS-like terrorist. The Miami Dolphins Don Jones posted a comment on social media (left) criticizing homosexual behavior during the 2014 NFL draft.

The Cleveland Browns said in response to Crowell’s image of the beheading of a police officer, “We have spoken to Isaiah regarding his extremely disturbing and unacceptable social media decision. It was completely inappropriate and we have made him aware of our high level of disappointment.” The NFL said, “The image was inappropriate and insensitive.”

The NFL wrongfully fined and suspended Jones and forced him to attend sensitivity training for criticizing homosexuality while Crowell only gets a slap on the wrist from the NFL.


We ask that punishment be applied Crowell.

Click here to sign the petition calling on the NFL to take disciplinary action against Crowell for his actions.

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