‘Regrets?’ No Way – Baba Yaga Ginsburg Must Go!

That Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has time and again shown her contempt for both the US Constitution and constitutional propriety.


Ruth Baba Yaga Ginsburg

She refused to recuse herself from the absurd ruling on so-called ‘gay’ marriage, despite having shown flagrant partiality while the case was before the court.http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/13/justice-ginsburg-asked-to-recuse-herself-in-suprem/

Now, heaping insults on Trump, ignoring the corruption and deceits of the Clintons…

…she’s been exposed as monstrously partisan, clearly unable to distinguish between the duties of a justice and the dictates of her cultural marxist ideology.

Not to mention her offensive racism.  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2596433



Now she’s expressed ‘regret’ over her brazen violation of the obvious requirement on every judge to be impartial.

 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Expresses Regret for Criticizing Donald Trump

Hardly adequate!

She has forfeited the people’s trust in their judiciary. She should resign or be impeached.

But paradoxically, her ‘deranged’ behaviour (not my adjective but the ultra-liberal Washington Post’s! ) will have spurred many more Americans to vote for Trump.



Like many other unpleasant and Un-American ‘personalities,’ she openly mooted emigration, were The Donald to win in November.

No matter what a citizens’ view on tariffs and trade, many would exult in a sudden boost in the export of deranged old bats.


Baba Yaga  – the fearsome witch, Baba Yaga, of Russian folklore. She is hideous to look upon, and lives in a hut on the edge of the forest.