Mein Gott!! Afghan Axe-Man? ‘Unaccompanied Minor!’

A police task-force that happened to be in the vicinity then pursued the attacker, shooting dead the 17-year-old, who was carrying an axe and a knife when he had attacked members of the unit.


Asked whether the attack had had an Islamist background, Herrmann said there had been a report by one of the witnesses inside the train, which was still being investigated, that the man had shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the assault.

Herrmann is the Bavarian Interior Minister.

Wurzburg, like much of Bavaria, was a beautiful place, when I visited it many years ago. A beautiful, peaceful, Bavarian city, inhabited by civilised Germans.  

Times have changed.



Almost 96000 unaccompanied minors sought asylum in EU in 2015 …


And who’s surprised at the consequences of Mama Stasi Merkel’s betrayal of her country? More to the point who cares?

Not her deranged UN collaborators, that’s for sure!

They’re more a-fret about those so-called ‘children’ –  do you regard an axe-wielding 17-year-old as a ‘child?’

Or the others we’ve reported on often enough?

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merkel danger.

Is UNHCR failing to protect unaccompanied refugee children? —   or more to the point…

Is the German Government failing to protect its citizens from unaccompanied refugee children?


That horror story has probably overshadowed another shocker from Germany, news that often, illegal migrants can’t be sent back to their countries of origin due to lack of necessary documents..


Thanks to leaked reports, secret data of the German Interior Ministry, we learn that contemptible ‘asylum’ liars deliberately use the strategy of “lacking documents” to make their deportation from the country difficult or even impossible.

And we’re not talking about a few hundred alien wasters. The report noted that now Germany has to deal with over 33,000 migrants lacking necessary documents.

Not lost en route, or accidentally damaged or destroyed – these ‘migrants’ “blatantly conceal complete and reliable information on their identity and country of origin.”

Hell, it gives new meaning to the phrase ‘undesirable aliens!

But what’s most appalling is the conclusion reached  –  the state seems to be “absolutely helpless.” 




These swine only swooped down on Germany (and other civilised countries) because they reckon there are rich pickings to be had from the yummy welfare system.

They revel in the very reports we most abhor, about the arrogant parasites turning up their noses at free food, who then get pampered with alternative menus…

Crimmigrants Seize Italian Cop-Shop – Punishment? ‘Specialised African Cuisine!’ 


….about free internet which, the ingrates whine, is too slow, about the imbecilic provision of ‘pocket money,’ and all the other largesse that’s left German tax-payers facing a burden of BILLIONS for years ahead.

Come, Ye Thankful Germans, Come! 

I don’t think for a nano-second that Mama Stasi Merkel, the evil architect of Germany’s ruin, will do what needs to be done, but it’s pretty obvious.
If you find roaches are infesting your cupboards, you don’t put extra jammy rations on the shelves.
You scour the cupboard bare and spray it with deterrents.
Hence the simple solution is to make these wasters’ lives so wretched that they’ll not want to hang about a moment longer.
Bread and water, concrete floors to sleep on, NO pocket money, NO internet…
I bet they’d disappear like snow off a dry-stone-wall in Springtime.
Or just put them in one of those big container vessels and send it around the world, again and again, with the ratbags confined below decks 24/7.
They’ll soon own up to whence they oozed, and can be handily dumped in small boats off the relevant coast.