'Asylum' Double Standards! Shelter Erdogan's Intended Victims!

So there are two classes of ‘asylum seeker?’

Hordes of primitives who arrogantly storm ashore on Aegean islands like Lesbos, whom the Greek Government makes no move to turn back…


‘Asylum-seekers?’ Yeah, right!


….who are promptly lionised and provided indefinitely with free meals and lodgings. They even get visits from Dope Francis, who selects the least anti-social and takes them off for some Vatican hospitality…

Genuine asylum-seekers – Turkish officers in Greek custody


..And then there are that small band of Turkish officers, fleeing for their lives from an Islamist authoritarian, who get  prosecuted for illegal entry into Greece!

The Greeks’ marxist leader, Tsipras, has apparently told Erdogan that the procedure for the Turkish asylum seekers will be swift but in line with international law and human rights treaties.

But I’d not place any bets on a happy outcome for the men the sectarian in Ankara wants to pack into his already teeming jails.  Tsipras is a red rat.

The phrase ‘asylum seeker’ has been bandied about so much, wrongly referring to undesirable wannabe parasites, that its original honourable meaning has been almost forgotten.

The plight of these poor Turks reminds us! 


Greece charges Turkish coup asylum seekers with illegal entry
InternasionalKathimerini17 Jul 2016