‘Brits’ Vote Bad, Renzi’s Good!’ – Schizo-Demophobia!

Italy’s upcoming referendum on constitutional reform is not akin to Brexit, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said in an interview….


“I don’t believe it’s the same thing!”
Indeed, it’s not on the same issue.
It’s to change the Italian Senate! 
 Unlike today, the senators will not be directly elected, but hand-picked by the government from local councils across the country.
That’s gonna make Italy more democratic.
Yeah, right!
The Local is, but of course, its usual objective, impartial, unbiased self. 
The reforms are much-needed.
But The Local is also arrogant and condescending, echoing the left-lib UK media’s disrespect for Brits who chose freedom on 23rd June.
The problem is, with many failing to grasp Italy’s complex political systems, the vote could be a chance for people to simply say “Yes” or “No” to Renzi as the country’s leader.
Italians have been denied access to direct democracy on a wide variety of matters.
They may well be smart enough to use this rare opportunity to strike back at Red Renzi’s elitism.
And why should that be such a problem?
The Europhiliac media creeps tell us!
 Renzi stepping down would undoubtedly pave the way for the eurosceptic Five Star Movement, the second-biggest party in parliament, to gather even more ground.
Oh no!
We can’t risk that, can we, comrades?

Renzi, however, cannot be faulted for his other words on the subject.

“I’m not afraid of the referendum, because you shouldn’t be afraid of people expressing themselves.”

So why has he not put far more important issues on the ballot to let people express themselves?
Likewise, his irresponsible decriminalisation of illegal immigration should never have gone ahead without a referendum.
He also flatly rejected demands for his pro-‘gay’ law to be subjected to a democratic decision.  
referndmlet peole vote
Rock on, Five Star, and the Liga Nord, who show no such contempt for the concepts of popular sovereignty and self-determination.