Die Verrückte! Crack-Pot Green Laments Axe-Man’s Demise!

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It’d have to be a Green!
This particular Green is named Renate Künast, a former party leader and now way out in front of the 2016 race for the title of Imbecile of the Year.
Künast in her infinite far-left wisdom suggested that police officers should not have killed the 17-year-old….the politician said it would have been sufficient to injure the attacker to an extent that he would have been put out of action.  
Sensible Germans might say this woman is verrückt – deranged!
What possible advantage could there be to keeping an ISIS rape-gang fan alive?
Since he was  a 17-year-old thug, and thus, according to the idiotic UNHCR definition, a ‘child,’ he’d have been pampered behind bars, for a few years at most, then turned loose to join the other ‘asylum’ predators roaming German streets.
Even were he to have been charged as an adult, German law is pathetically weak, as seen recently…Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …  and Germany: Eritrean Migrant Sex Attacker Given Just 30 Hours … …so if German courts don’t care to punish alien scum who sexually assault German women, the most the Afghan pig would have got, even as an adult, would be maybe a few more years than his ‘child’ status might merit.
Then, after costing tax-payers a fortune in free  board and lodging, the evil sectarian would be out on the prowl again.
Far better that those admirable officers took out the rabid cur.
They deserve a medal, and police in every part of Germany, not just Bavaria where the axe-man’s amok-run occurred, should be encouraged to shoot down crimmigrant dogs wherever they slip the leash.
shoot terrs
But there’s a clear danger that honest cops will be pressured towards non-lethal means if that dumb bint’s rant is echoed elsewhere in the corridors of power.
Has Mama Stasi Merkel opined yet?