‘Protection of Unaccompanied Minor Migrants?’

…the European Union should formulate minimal standards for the protection of unaccompanied minor migrants…

I don’t know how much of the billions Brussels rakes in from tax-payers actually went to this mysterious Daphne Funding Programme, to finance that particular exhortation on behalf of poor little ‘minors’ like the Afghan axe-man.

And all those others…

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I suppose I could dig around and find out.

But what matters is the principle, that the EuroCommissars are lavishing your money on this when clearly the top priority should be YOUR protection FROM unaccompanied minors..




…yes, that would be from the pockets of the tax-payers of the Royal Borough, and every other UK city, county and town, filched by Brussels, then graciously handed back, after the bloated, over-paid Eurocracy has skimmed off its percentage.



Projects like the one mentioned, if deemed worthy, can be financed more efficiently and economically without going back and forth through supranational bureaucracies.  

Britain has always paid in more than it gets out.

What possible advantage to Brits did the EUSSR ever offer?