Loser Lagarde – After Brexit, Now Facing French Trial!

I’ve pointed out more than once, since the Brexit triumph, that Cameron’s Project Fear was based on lies and dissimulation.

His weaselling on his known support for Erdogan’s entry into the EUSSR….




….and voter anger at his adamant avoidance of the clear truth that Brussels gained a lot more than Brits from UK membership probably played as much a part as the obvious concerns about immigration.

So today I relish the truths which Better Off Out explains further down the page, realities penetrating the fog of deceits which the Remainiacs constructed.

And my relish verges on a good old-fashioned gloat, with the news that one of the Remainiacs most notable foreign sticky-beak backers, the IMF Queen Bee..



….whose contribution to the debate was admirably summed up as another rerun of the same rather tired by now incomplete analysis on offer from the others, the Treasury, OECD and so on. Largarde actually goes one step further than those in fact and make a claim which is quite obviously untrue.


Gambar kisah untuk lagarde dari Aljazeera.comliar-liar2

IMF’s Christine Lagarde Says Brexit Would Be Bad, Very Bad, Slightly Missing The Point…

,… is now in a great deal of bother  – she’s been ordered to court on charges of ‘negligence’  that could land her behind bars!


IMF boss Christine Lagarde to stand trial in Tapie case


She must be hoping she’ll get a verdict less damning than that passed on her drivel in the court of British democracy.

UK voters rightly ignored her hogwash, and as Better of Out reports, thanks be for that.

One month on from the historic vote to leave the inward looking, protectionist and backward European Union, the British people are already reaping the rewards.