“By Every Means?” C’Est Impossible, President Hollande!

French citizens were treated to another, undoubtedly frustrating, little speech today, after Islamist scum cut a priest’s throat in a Normandy church.

Priest Slain, Two Pigs Shot Dead – What Now, Argie Dope? 

The speech-maker, President Hollande, taking a break from belly-aching at Britain’s Brexit declaration of independence last month, repeated his usual rigmarole about fighting jihadist terror…


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….and about ‘unity’ – how France should resist ‘divisiveness’ ( i.e ‘don’t criticise whatever I do or don’t do’)

But this time he added that his intention was to wage his war on evil ‘by every means.

Thing is, he can’t.

The natural response among normal people, be they French, or British, or German, or whatever, is to kill as many as possible of the sectarian swine engaged in the vile jihad.

My own view is that, whenever one of my fellow-citizens dies at the hands of an Islamist fiend, we should take one of the fiend’s fellow-jihadists out of prison (there are plenty there) and execute the SOB.

Hollande may, or more probably, as part of the Eurocratic elite, may not, feel the same.

But either way, he can’t.

As long as France remains under supranational control, subject to the Euro-Commissars’ regime in Brussels…


…France is manacled.

No matter what the French President, the French National Assembly or the French people, by referendum, might decide…


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  • ….the death penalty CANNOT be restored, not even for the foulest terrorist crimes.

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  • Marine Le Pen is right.

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