Remember When Even Prods Could Admire A Pope?

With the blood of an innocent priest still smeared on the floor of a Normandy church…

Priest Slain, Two Pigs Shot Dead – What Now, Argie Dope? 



…that wretched renegade Dope Francis is off to Poland.

He’s been carping at their patriotic government and it seems he’s likely to mount his fave hobby-horse, the malignant migrant horde. 


The old Argie ass made a complete fool of himself a month ago, deliberately misleading an audience of children by telling them that migrants are not dangerous.

Well, kids ain’t stupid. Those smart enough to watch the news will know how murderous ‘migrants’ have been hitting the headlines these recent days, not just the latest tsunami…




….but traitors spawned by previous batches.

Poland’s Government, and most Polish people are wisely reluctant to have that Brussels crimmigrant quota foisted on them.

And unlike the sicko degenerates in many Western churches…

Valiant Viking Sylvi Blasts Pro-Parasite Pinko Prelate! 

Bleating Euro-Bishops – Secret Europa-Worship Involved? 

….the Polish clergy, with a proud tradition of patriotic resistance behind them, are in many cases ready to resist the old scold from the Vatican.

Bishop Stanisław Gądecki of Poznan, president of the Polish bishops’ conference, launched a preemptive strike –

“Pope Francis is in favor of a policy of integration, and not that of multi-culturalism desired by elements on the left…” 

Polish bishops get their retaliation in first on immigration

Nice one, Stan!

It throws the  onus back on The Dope, who probably has said something pro-integration, but has been much more prominent in appeasement grovel mode. It’s also true that for long years the Enemy Within has hi-jacked the term ‘integration.’

Instead of its logical meaning, new-comers expected to abandon backward alien nonsense like shariah and adapt to the ways of the people they settle among, ‘integration’ is maliciously contrasted its natural synonym, ‘assimilation.’

They always meant much the same, but now disloyals claim the right to ‘integrate’ without changing their primitive habits and customs.

In other words…




As a Protestant of Ulster-Scots descent, I was nevertheless a big fan of the Polish Pope, a valiant man who helped destroy the Soviet Empire.

The more you see and hear of the incumbent on St. Peter’s Throne, the more you miss that fine old Pole!