Germans Face More Crimmigrant Amok-Runs!

So a pack of filthy alien brutes terrorises women and children, again, at a public pool in Gelden, North Rhine Westphalia...  

Gang of young Muslims call nude bathers sluts and infidels

Mein Gott im Himmel!




… and instead of decent Germans getting together and beating the louts to a pulp, the deranged response is to have ‘charts a bid to teach migrants to treat woman and children with respect?’

And that inspirational idea has been topped up with a proposal to appoint ‘asylum’ creeps as LIFEGUARDS?



Would you want them to be responsible for ‘ensuring the safety’ of your wife or daughter?

Seriously! To give Mama Stasi’s horde ‘responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of bathers!’

The Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals (BDS) says this would be “an inclusive measure that would benefit everyone.”




Silhouette weeping


Except rape victims.

The brains behind this insanity is a Deutscher dork named Peter Harzheim, BDS president..


… but he’s garnered support from all the usual Enemy Within factions, the SPD, Greens and the Left Party in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The article would be one big belly-laugh were it not so horrifying.

But one sentence stands out..

Police have said there would be zero-tolerance for sexual assaults.

Oh yeah?

Like in Cologne?

With the rotten Lugenpresse desperate to cover up ‘refugee’ rapine?



In view of the mockery of justice in German courts when such crimmigrant vermin have been found guilty and at once unleashed back onto the streets, any talk of ‘zero-tolerance’ is obscene. 

  •  It’s really high time that these scum were taught a lesson, rounded up at gun-point, then taken immediately to the nearest airport for deportation. They are unfit to live in any civilised country.  
  • =

How much longer will Germans put up with pig-ignorant primitives making their lives a misery by means of bigoted, violent intolerance?


again and again


Our question needs to be repeated, because there’s been MORE migrant’ fun and games, this time in Bremen, where a 19-year-old Algerian refugee erupted into screams of ‘I’ll blow you up.’

devil destroyed


Police said that when the man was in custody this past weekend for several thefts, he had sympathized with Islamic State and a gunman who killed nine people at a shopping center in Munich last Friday.

German police arrest Algerian suspect who yelled ‘I’ll blow you up’

A known criminal?

Why is he still in Germany?

Mama Stasi’s primitive horde should be rounded up and kicked out, and if Algeria is reluctant to take the pig back, here’s how to get round that obstacle.



 And STOP calling them ‘refugees.’